Friday, March 10, 2017

They'll be coming round the mountain...

Catalina Spa RV Resort


One of the things we love about this area is the mountain views. Our most dominant mountain here is Mt San Jacinto, which has had a snow cap since we got here. We always see the same face, so we decided it would be great to take a look at the other side. It also means that we could go and check out Idyllwild Thousand Trails Preserve. So, food and liquids packed, Timmy loaded in we set off.

This is the route we took (anti-clockwise). So west on I-10 to Banning then up, around and down on #74 to Palm Desert.

What an incredible drive! Highly recommended! The views of Mt San Gorgonio, The valleys and rocks as well as San Jacinto from the back were nothing short of amazing.

Lots of wind turbines in the valley.

Pretty soon we were climbing. Lovely how green the  mountainsides are after all the rain.

On the way up the views of Mount San Gorgonio and the valley below were outstanding. We stopped at a few spots along the way to take photos.

I think that is Big Bear in the far distance

We were soon into Alpine vegetation and we started seeing a bit of snow here and there

We eventually got to the entrance to Idyllwild Resort

Welcome bear

Snow plow piles from the last fall a couple of weeks ago.

Big 5th wheel on a seasonal site. I think he was there since last summer.

The pool

Still lots of snow

We went through the little Alpine town of Idyllwild and stopped at a viewpoint for our lunch. Then carried on down RTE 74 toward Palm Desert. WOW! what a road! After about 10 miles of fairly level driving we got to section beyond Pinyon Pines and it was steep, narrow with sharp curves and switchbacks. Amazing how fast some of the locals travel. They must have been frustrated with us!

San Jacinto peak to the right of the antenna and Tahquitz Rock to the left

Starting to get interesting

Just in case you haven't seen enough rocks

The road just falls away from the road

Lovely desert scenery

Breathe in!

View from a Scenic Vista point. Palm Desert below

There is the road curling around down there

I think that is the Salton sea over there

Rugged hillsides

Another narrow cut 
Be careful going around the corners

Down, down, down


 And a couple of pano shots. Click on them to see the full panorama.

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