Friday, March 10, 2017

Blown Away!

We have moved to Catalina Spa RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs. The wind was gusting at over 50MPH all day and we felt very shaken around by the time we got here.

This is one of our Coast to Coast membership resorts and when we got here I was shocked to learn that we would have to pay an extra $13.50 a night for one of their "cheap" sites. Apparently the new owner has made this rule. I was really peeved. We will not be back. As much as I like this place, I object to paying over and above my membership fee of $10. Sorry, Mr New Owner, whoever you are.

*** UPDATE*** I have just spoken to Eileen at Coast to Coast. We have been given some extra points because of the extra charge and the information I have been able to pass on regarding Catalina Spa. She was able to give me some interesting information about new parks opening. That info will be in your C2C Magazine at some point. 

We quickly found a site (78) that was somewhat protected from the howling gale and hunkered down for the night. By Monday morning It was calm and sunny and heating up nicely.

The pool and bathrooms near us are closed for renovation, although I have not seen one workman on site all week.

Most of the week has been spent just reading and relaxing and chatting to neighbours. One of our neighbours is from Ontario and he will be selling his 2015 C Class when they get back. It is a 24 foot and in very nice condition. We may take a look at it this week.

The Day we arrived. So windy there was no-one in the pool. You can see the clouds pouring over Mt San Jacinto.

Site #78. The teeny tiny site for our teeny tiny trailer 

Those trees to the right of the picture sheltered us quite a bit in the wind storm.

Morning exercises in the pool

A little pond near the pool area

The top rec hall.

I just love that mountain


A vintage 1968 Airstream

My view in the morning when I take Timmy for his walk.

Timmy and his new BFFs in the dog park
Mt San Gorgonio

Catching up on the computer

It has been so hot that even Michael came for a swim.

Michael's toes
The last time we were here was in 2012, when we had our Jayco Seneca. Site 392
I discovered when we were here last that the San Andreas Fault runs directly behind the park. The red arrow points to the fault and the green arrow to Catalina Spa.

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  1. We used to love it there years ago in the lower park and hot springs, but they were charging $5 extra a night, and we decided not to go back, love the area but not the upper pool and spa so much too bad they are doing that. We not going back either.

  2. first I'd be putting in a complaint to Coast to Coast. If the New Owner is not following the guidelines set forth he could loose his Franchise.
    High winds are not fun to put up with whether you are on the road of parked.
    Hope the Class C works out for you. It could make your travels easier.
    Were about two hundred feet closer to the Map in La Posa South then before.
    I know it is hard to lose anyone but especially a parent.
    Glad to see Mike working on his tan.
    That pool looks very inviting.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I did contact them and they got back to me. Issue has been resolved as far as we are concerned.