Thursday, March 02, 2017

A Drive Through Joshua Tree National Park

While we were at Palm Springs we decided to take a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park. We have been there before and really enjoyed the area, so we decided to go again. So, picnic lunch packed, Lots of fluids and off we went.

This is our route, west along the I-10, through the Morongo Valley, entering the park at the West Gate.
Joshua Tree Visitor Center
Here are photos of some plaques inside the Visitor Center. Interesting information.

I asked some tourists to take a photo of me at the Gate to the Park

Took a walk into an area of rocks and desert vegetation.

Timmy being a mountain goat

Information plaques all along the rout through the park. This area had been affected by a huge fire some years back.

So many beautiful rocks

These rocks looked as if they were flowing.

Keys view

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Keys view

Mount San Gorgonio
 The highest mountain in Southern California is Mount San Gorgonio

Such amazing rocks


Interesting camper

Picturesque campsite

Jumbo Rocks Campground

After leaving Joshua Tree we carried on through Box Canyon but that is a subject for another post!

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