Thursday, October 04, 2018

From Kelowna and up into the Rockies via Revelstoke, BC

Up into the Rockies.
May 2nd, 2017

Hooking up and leaving Holiday Park, Kelowna.
Some last minute photos of Lake Okanagan before we head for Revelstoke.

On our way up into the Kootenay mountains we came across a place of historical significance at Craigellachie. The Last Spike was driven into the railroad at Eagle Pass. We wandered around and took some photos of the artefacts in the area of the old railroad.

Timmy leads the way (as usual)

 From Revelstoke we carried on to Glacier National Park where we had gob smacking views of the Rockies and some glaciers.

Little Ford building up the stamina to get up and over.

Glacier National Park Visitor Centre. Little Amerilite is almost dwarfed by that snow bank!
 Inside the visitor centre they had a wonderful display of the local fauna. So well done!

This is a model depicting the structures on the road to protect travellers from avalanches. 

Michael is dwarfed by that snow bank!
 Here is some scenery around the Visitor Center.

Sorry the photos are a bit jumbled up but 2 cameras with slightly different times on them arrange the photos in a higgledy piggledy manner.

What a stunning drive we had today.

Lake Okanagan West Shore.

Lake Okanagan, British ColumbiaMay 1st, 2017

 This area is so beautiful and completely different to what I had imagined. Today we took a drive down to the bottom of Lake Okanagan. Here are the pics. Mostly taken from the truck. A very still day gave us beautiful mirrored water images. We have to go back there!

That's all for today folks. Stay tuned and we will soon be caught up!! Leave us a comment why don'tcha?