Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Picking grapefruit, an inch of rain and snow on the mountains

Palm Springs RV Resort
Palm Desert, California

In the park there are many grapefruit trees that have the remains of this last years harvest. The Gatehouse has picker that is available for loan to collect delicious fruit. Michael was able to get some pink grapefruit for my breakfasts.

Learning how to use the picker

Almost got one

There they are, right at the top

Ahh! got one!

A LOT of rain fell over the San Diego area and we got the overflow. An inch of rain in our area overnight. This morning we had the evidence in lots of puddles and snow on the nearby mountains. There are still a lot of clouds pouring over the mountains but I am confident that once those clouds clear we will have a spectacular view of the mountain peaks.

We spent a quiet day at home sitting in the warm sunshine reading our books and generally chilling out.  

Lots of RVs coming in today because the rain in the west has flooded several parks. Travellers have been redirected here. We are now almost full. 

That is Mt San Jacinto peaking out at the top.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Dinosaurs in the desert and Mexican dinner with new friends.

Palm Springs RV Resort
Palm Desert, California

From Salton Sea we took Route 78 up to Borrego Springs State Park. Again wonderful views of the desert and mountains.

Loved this view of the road disappearing into the distance

We have seen some of the metal sculptures before and drove around taking a few pictures of some of them. Michael was a little hesitant to take the truck onto the sandy desert roads, but some of the sculptures were so far off off the road that he did anyway, and it was fine.

To give you an idea of the size of these things here is a picture of Michael next to this bird of prey. 

It looks as if the dinosaurs are looking to eat the contents of the truck (Michael and Timmy)

Detail of the mouth

Claw detail


We did not see all the sculptures as we had plans to see some new friends at about 3:00 pm. If you want to see more there is a good photography web site where there are lots of photos and their history.

Set the GPS to the boondocking location on Rockhouse Road and a short drive later we found John and Gayle's Montana Fifth Wheel. This free boondocking area is apparently owned by the Avery family (Avery labels, cards etc). They very graciously allow camping here.

Very quiet location with a few other RVs camped quite a distance away. 
 We had met John and Gayle, from Owen Sound,  back in Quartzsite at Silly Al's Pizza place. We had a short happy hour at their trailer and then proceeded to Carmelita's Mexican Cantina in Borrego Springs.

I have been craving Mexican food since we have been in the South West. Having missed finding the restaurant in Los Algodones, this was a good choice. I had a taco and Chile Rejenos. Michael had a shredded beef burrito. Our meals were accompanied by mexican rice and refried beans. Delicious.

It was so lovely to get to know our dinner partners and discovered that we are much the same age and have been been married almost the same length of time. (Donkey's years)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Salton Sea is dying...or is it?

Palm Springs RV Resort
Palm Desert,California

On Thursday we decided to take a drive to Anza Borrego State Park, stopping at Salton Sea on our way. We have been there a couple times before over the years, so it would be interesting to see it again and to see if it has continued to deteriorate. 

Although we were not in the same area as we had been in five years ago, it seems that the decay continues. The smell of rotting fish permeates the area. The sea is so saline now that not even fish can survive.

There are people living on it's shores, but in great poverty. Sad to think that this used to be a playground for the rich and famous.

People are actually living in these structures.

One of the few really nice homes in the area.

Nice beaches

Canals were built presumably for a community that was never built.

The end of the road

Maybe at least, the fishing is good.
We did see some signs of development. Plots of land for sale and some new roads being built. I came across this article which really makes me wonder if the families who are moving into the area know about this toxic hazard. Time will tell.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Palm Springs, wonderful views and snow on the mountains.

Palm Springs RV Resort
Palm Desert, California

Our drive from Needles to Palm Desert was very easy and interesting with some wonderful scenery.

After continuing our travelling through the Mojave desert, we stopped at the intersection of US62 and US177 to take in the views, stretch our legs and let Timmy go potty. Absolutely spectacular! We were just outside Joshua Tree National Park.

The mountains in this area are amazing.

Pretty soon we were pulling up to the gate at Thousand Trails Palm Springs Resort. There were not many sites available but we did manage to get a pull through 30 amp site. It is close to the front of the park which means we get quite a lot of I-10 traffic and train line noise but it is not too bad. We are close to the pool and Rec center which is very convenient. This is our first time in this resort and we know where we will look for a site the next time we come here.

Here are some pics taken around the campground. Lots of Palm trees. 

Our site is #121. 

Water volley ball in the pool every day at 12:00

Our trailer just to the left of the fence
Outside the resort there is a big empty field where everyone walks their dogs. Lots of room for off leash play.

Snow on the top of Mount San Jacinto.

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