Saturday, March 25, 2017

A night in a winery

A winery somewhere in California.
March 21st, 2017

We have a membership in Harvest Hosts, which allows us to stay in Wineries, Farms and Orchards all over North America.  We are not obliged to buy anything but we do like to go into the tasting room and if we find a wine we really like, we will purchase a bottle or two. If you decide to join up, please add our email ( as your referral. Then we both get an extra month added.

The directory lists all the places that allow us to stay overnight. so we picked one that was about 2 hours from Flying Flags and what a good overnight stop it was. we were one of two RVs that stayed overnight.

The weather report was predicting rain so the winery staff told us to park on a paved area so that we did not get stuck in the field where overnighters usually stay.

We went into the tasting room and enjoyed sampling their fine wines and ended up buying a couple of bottles. There was a great atmosphere in the room as there were about 10 other people tasting wines. 

Here are my pictures of our overnight stay. I cannot give the name of the winery because it is protected under the Harvest Host organization so that only members can know which wineries are a part of their membership.

A very artistic barbecue area with some pretty fancy rock and brick work and beautiful hand hewn tables and benches.

Next to the vineyard and the warehouses

Our neighbors had a toy hauler trailer for their 3 Weimaraner show dogs. 

The front verandah at the Tasting Room

Very happy buzz inside

Come on along, Lots of room for more tasters

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  1. Just another diversion and a nice place to camp for the night.

  2. Very interesting. harvest hosts has been on our minds a lot and we feel we would be able to make good use of it travelling across Canada when we finally do the trip.