Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a done deal

The Alves Family will get our storage spot at Moodies and we will camp in their seasonal spot for July. Cedar Beach RV Park is a very nice family park on the north shore of Musselman's Lake, near Stouffville. Our side of the bargain is that we have to pay $200 for a seasonal pass, cut the grass and pay for the electricity. In turn we are giving our solar panels to Tom and Sunita to try out. We will be getting a more powerful bank of panels so won't need the old set which is only 45 watts.

The requests are in to stop the hydro and gas as of June 24th and I am getting our new postal address out to everyone. Progress indeed! Let me know if I should email you our new postal address and phone number.

A coincidence and a great plan for July!

While we were in Churchville, NY, we met the Alves family who also live in Pickering (small world). They also have a Triple E C class RV. A bit older than ours, but great for their family trips. It turns out that they have been trying to get a storage spot at Moodies for some time. We are going to try and get Steve at Moodies to give them our spot , they in turn, will allow us to park on their seasonal site up in the Stouffville area from June 20th or there abouts, until the end of July . This is all working out very well. Holding thumbs that Steve has not promised our site to someone else. What did I say about someone else being in control of our lives?? I think that is making itself more and more obvious!

I have set up the MagicJack and got a Markham number which is local calling from Toronto. The kids and friends up here will be able to call without incurring long distance charges and we can call North America from anywhere in the world for only $30 a year!! I love technology!

Monday, May 24, 2010

In Churchville, NY

We are presently camped in the parking lot of Camping World in Churchville, NY. It's pretty hot here, but it is FREE and I like free! Free internet in the sales showroom as well. Yesterday we went to Letchworth State Park. The Grand Canyon of the East. It was such a surprise. Beautiful river, gorgeous falls and parks. A pleasant day out. Today we just went into Greece, NY to buy a MagicJack at Best Buy. I will be setting that up at home. Hopefully the Bell stick internet will be fast enough. At the end of June we lose our home phone, so have to have that set up before then. Michael just doesn't understand how it works. He will be amazed once he finds out!

Friday, May 21, 2010

39 days!

We are heading off to Churchville, New York tomorrow for 2 days. Some shopping and sight seeing. This will be our last trip away before we go full time. Packing is going slowly, but we have sold quite a lot of furniture. Still the dining room suite to get rid of, a large square coffee table and a few other odds and ends. All the books are going to North York General Hospital for their book sale. Anyone want to buy a dresser and a chest of drawers?

Friday, May 14, 2010

47 Days

The sale of the condo is final and we have to be out by June 24th!! Yikes! So much to do, so little time. Have to get the Magic Jack for phone calls. You can now have a Canadian number on the MJ, so that is next on the list. Looking at solar panels and a generator. Last night I bought a new Epson multi function printer that has a front loading paper tray and is wireless, so I can set it up on the overhead bunk area. An internet stick or satellite internet??? We have to decide. The stick is cheaper, but maybe the speed is not fast enough for Skype and the Magic Jack. Have to research that. I would LOVE an iPad 3G but that is not in the budget.

The biggest thing now is to sell all the furniture and the buyer has expressed an interest in buying all our stuff. How lucky can we get??? Linens, Kitchen stuff, flatware, appliances all have to go. Goodwill and Diabetic Society have already got a ton of things.

The Move is ON!!!!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mini Shop Vac

Today we went to Lowes in Whitby/Oshawa to buy a brace for the bannister and came away with the brace, a hang up shop vac and a small fireproof and waterproof safe. The Shop Vac will fit nicely in the space under the RV bed. The safe will be bolted into the RV somewhere, and that will hold our passports and other important papers, and the brace has been put onto the bannister in accordance with our buyers wishes. There were 3 conditions of sale:
1. That the wobbly (bad design) bannister is unwobbled
2. That the carpets are professionally cleaned and we will do this just before they move in
3. The we obtain all the relevant paperwork from the condo corporation to make sure that there are no legal or financial disasters lurking in the wings. I am sure that will be fine..

We continue to have people coming around to see the place and there is another couple of people coming tomorrow. Would be nice to have a backup offer in case this one goes sour.

In the meantime we are working on being out before the 24th June.  Some busy weekends coming up, so am not sure when we are going to do this packing. Luckily we don't have a lot more to do so I should be able to get everything done in time.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


The condo is SOLD! I can hardly believe it. It is as if someone else has taken over my life. Things are just happening so fast! The buyer also wants to buy most of the furniture, how much better can it get! We have to be out of the house on June 24th, so my last week of work will be from the motor home. We will park at Moody's Motor Inn, down the road until we have got everything sorted out and the space inside the MH packed to the best of our ability. Friends are renting us a bit of storage space in their basement for the few things that we want to keep, i.e. my grandmother's Spode dinner service. Photographs (until I can get them all scanned onto disks). and a few other treasures.

I am so excited and terrified at the same time! This is something we have wanted to do for so many years and now we are doing it!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Now I am all in a twitter!!!

The agent just called to say that we are getting an offer on the condo tomorrow!!!! My stomach is in a knot! He says we should get close to our asking price as we are priced right and the condo is looking just lovely right now!! Mmmmm it is so clean and uncluttered that I think I may want to stay......NOT!!!

My beloved car is sold!

Over the weekend I sold my lovely little Nissan Versa. It is going to be hard parting with her this week. The buyer was referred by our realtor. One more step closer to freedom and the simple life.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Condo is listed!

We listed the condo on Thursday night. We were going to rent, but after running the figures we decided to sell and invest the money we get. This will give us a much better return than the condo would, also it is a lot less work, and lot less stress. I never slept on Thursday night and so had to drag myself in to work on Friday with a bad migraine. I managed to get through my first class, but then was sent home. I slept the rest of the day! Saturday Michael and I spent the day cleaning and getting the place ready for our agent to take photos for the mls web site, which he did on Saturday afternoon. We also had our first showing on Saturday afternoon. So now the routine begins....keep the place clean and tidy, keep the bed made etc. I hope it sells quickly.