Thursday, February 28, 2013

Everglades National Park - Flamingo Campground.

After trying unsuccessfully to get into another park in the Keys we decided to go to the Everglades. There are two campgrounds within an easy drive. The first one is just inside the National Park Gate and is called Long Pine Key. The second one is 38 miles further in and down close to Florida Bay and that is called Flamingo Campground. There are some electric sites at Flamingo and the rest are dry camping. So we decided on the spur of the moment to go to Flamingo to see if we could scoop and electric site. We didn't. They were all occupied or reserved. No matter, we have a generator and full fresh water tank, so we paid for 2 nights with the option of staying a third night if we wished. The non-electric sites are $16 a day. the electric sites are $30 a day. We certainly were not going to use $14 a day in diesel to keep the batteries charged. The sites there are huge! we were able able to get a site looking into the bush that surrounds the campground. Lots of birds, butterflies and mosquitoes! it is so peaceful there! not even the sound of the generators disturbed us.

If you stay at this campground it is preferable to have a boat or a canoe as there is a lot of water, being on the bay and there are also canals surrounding the area. We were able to see a North American crocodile which inhabit the waters around there. We did a ranger conducted walk which went into the history of the area, the good, the bad and the ugly. Very interesting.

Here are the photos from our 2 day stay there.

Entering Flamingo Campground
Our site was massive! We are parked and there is still this amount of space in front of us.
All set up.
"Eco" Tent in the tenting area.
The Eco Tent
Information board about the Eco Tent.
Solar heating for the showers.
Lots of space in the tent camping area
Florida Bay and the muddy shoreline
Bike ride along the Guy Bradley trail
Kayakers on Florida Bay.
Coastal Prairie field
info about the Coastal Prairie
Tri-color Heron
Stalking his lunch.
Cute little trailer from Micro-lite.
A vehicle that would not look out of place in the Dakar Rally.
the other side
Front View
Educational trail walk. The subject was about the history of the Flamingo area.
The canal at the Marina. There was a North American crocodile swimming in the canal, but we did not get a photo.



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We have Keys Fever!

We saw a video about the building of the Flagler Railroad to Key West and someone in the movie said that people who come to the Keys get Key Fever. So many people come, fall in love with the area and never leave. We do not have a choice in this because we are Canadians and because we have children and grand children in Ontario.

I am going to upload photos and let them tell the story.

I apologize to all our friend "up north".




Moon over Miami!


Day trip to Big Pine Key


Alligator at the Blue Hole.
Up close.


Nature walk. No that is not snow, it is coral rock.


Did not see any of these n the nature walk.


We did see these.


Slash pine


Pine island key deer. So tiny!
Do not feed the deer!


At the end of No Name Key


We found the No Name Pub where we had fish and chips for lunch.


We were told there was over $150,000 in $1 dollar bills stapled to the roof.


Even more
Here is the story.


Manatee in our marina






That roundish black thing in the water is a sting ray. Taken from our bridge.


Another sunset pic


On the Bahia Honda Bridge.


Boats heading out to sea. Maybe for fishing?


Somewhere in the centre of this pic is a shark. Spotted from the Bahia Honda bridge


I think that is another sting ray


Bahia Honda State Park.
Michael was swimming down there before he knew there were sting rays and sharks in the water.
Tropical Paradise!
The story about the Bahia Honda bridge


Pretty pick seaweed.
Michael wades bravely out.
Back home to the pool.


Michael in the shade. We had too much sun today.


A green iguana. This one was about 2 feet long. There is another one at the pool which is about 4 feet long!
Sombrero Beach, Marathon Key


Sombrero Beach and it is dog friendly!
Sombrero Beach


Sudden rain storm. We are now an ark!


Huge puddle.


After the storm, the rainbow. People were stopping on the highway to take photos. It was one of the most spectacular rainbows I have ever seen!