Friday, February 11, 2011

California News

I cannot believe that we have been here in Oceanside for over a month. The weather is fantastic and sure beats the cold and snow of Toronto. We have done so much. Virginia is very settled in her condo in San Marcos and has said that she is comfortable. She is starting to get into the lifestyle over there and will pretty soon start using the bus for groceries, doctor visits and shopping. She is still unable to drive due to the torn rotator cuff in her right shoulder.

We have spent most days driving Virginia to various appointments and to her favourite stores. Michael stripped the wallpaper off the walls in the spare room at the Oceanside house and it has been painted a nice neutral shade. Next is the bathroom which at the moment is a rather hectic pink. That will also be Navajo White. The en-suite bathroom will be painted when we return in November. Virginia is still looking for tenants in the summer.

We have done some stuff for ourselves as well. Going to the beach,  Sea World in February and a couple of days ago we went to The Getty Center in Los Angeles.

Sea World was a real treat as Virginia had some free tickets so it just cost us the gas to get there and lunch which was a shared pizza. We spent the day going to all the shows and saw Shamu the killer whale, the dolphin show, belugas, seals, flamingos, sting rays and tons of other marine animals. It was a lovely day.

The Getty is a beautiful museum/art gallery situated high on a hill above Los Angeles. It is constructed in imported travertine from Italy. The views are amazing and we saw fantastic art from all the Masters. Quite overwhelming. I will post some pictures in the next few days if I can get to the computer room here at the Clubhouse. 

I am using my cell phone tethered to my computer at the house and it is not very fast. All a learning experience.....