Sunday, August 28, 2011

Golfing at Atherton Golf

Yesterday we spent the day with friends up at Atherton Golf, near Clinton. It is a real duffers course, which is just as well, because we were all duffers. It was great fun and reinforced the knowledge that I am no golfer. We had a BBQ lunch, birthday cake for Yvonne's Dad's 70th. The weather was perfect. We had a good time.

Today is our last at Lake Huron Resort. We have not been able to get into Goderich, so tomorrow we head back to Cedar Beach. No more trips planned until we head down to California at the end of October or beginning of November.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 2011

I cannot believe that August is almost over, and with that the summer is drawing to an end. The highlight of August was the 12 day visit of our daughter, Suzanne and our two lovely grand sons. We all fitted into the motorhome very well, with Suzanne and the two boys sleeping in our bedroom and Michael and I slept on the hide-a-bed in the living area. It was a wonderful time. I got Noah (the five year old) well on his way to swimming. We spent every day, except for one rainy one, in the pool. The weather cooperated and Noah and I had a ball spending the days together, either in the pool, the sand pit or playing games on the iPad. He was a delight. Owen is a very mischievous toddler and thoroughly enjoyed spending a lot of time outside with his Papa running or kicking a ball. He was not so sure of being in the pool and would only go in with his mommy. His smile lights up the whole room especially, when he is in the "monanone".

We are presently in Lake Huron Resort, just 8 kms north of Goderich. Last Sunday at 4 pm, Goderich was hit by an F3 tornado, which devastated the downtown core. All roads to into town are closed and we have not been able to get in. We had to make several detours just to get to this resort. We would have been in Goderich on Sunday afternoon but could not get a booking for this resort until Monday evening, so instead stayed at a Passport America campground, just outside Kitchener, called Nith River. While we had very heavy rain there, we did not know anything about the tornado until later that evening when we watched the news. Yesterday we went up to Kincardine to do our grocery shopping and met up with our dear friends, Russ and Trixie, for lunch at Erie Belle restaurant. Lovely steak and kidney pie and chips. There goes the diet again. I wish I didn't like eating so much!

Last evening there were tornado warnings again as severe weather swept in from Michigan over Lake Huron, but we had nothing but high winds and a short rain shower.

So, we are here until August 29th. On Saturday we will be golfing (ha) with South African friends near Clinton. Monday, we head back to Cedar Beach. No other trips planned for the rest of the summer but we may make one more trip, perhaps up to Galvin Bay. Photos will be posted once I get back to Stouffville as the Internet here is very slow and sometimes non-existent. Stay tuned!