Sunday, May 13, 2012

A New Family Member

Where are we today? 
Cedar Beach Park, Stouffville, Ontario

Today I received a wonderful Mother's Day gift. A little boy, by the name of Timothy, or TimBit for short. A beautiful 9 week old Maltese. Boy, is our life going to change?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bell vs Shaw Satellite

Where are we today? 
Cedar Beach Park, Stouffville, Ontario

We are having so many problems with Bell. If any of our Canadian readers have Shaw, please can you weigh in on your opinions and benefits of us switching to Shaw.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

I did it....I think!

Where are we today? 
Cedar Beach Park, Stouffville, Ontario

Yesterday I posted how my heading photo had suddenly become small and I wanted it to cover the whole top of the blog. So I went back to the place where you edit the photo and found out that when I uploaded a new photo, somehow the "Shrink to fit" option. in the Placement section, had been checked. I simply unchecked that and uploaded my new (old) header Voila! It is done. So simple.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What have I done wrong??

Where are we today? 
Cedar Beach Park, Stouffville, Ontario

I used to be able to have my header photo right across the whole blog. Now I just get a small header photo at the top. What have I done wrong?? I have played with the layout, column widths, everything!! There has to be a simple answer. Help!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Action in Cedar beach

Where are we today?
Cedar Beach Park, Stouffville, Ontario

Well, we never got our site fixed up for us so we decided to do it ourselves. The previous occupant had left a lot of paving slabs and a wooden framework for the slabs. Michael decided to dig it all up and we discovered there was about 4 yards of limestone under the slabs. He removed all the slabs and the framework and moved most of the limestone onto the pad for the RV. Then we built up the back of the parking pad because it was sloping downward. Some strategically placed pieces of plywood and concrete blocks for the jacks and we drove the RV up onto the pad. It worked perfectly.

Next he levelled the patio area and then moved the deck modules over onto that. Next job was laying paving slabs on the driver's side of the RV so that we don't have to walk in mud when going down that side.

Next job was digging out a parking area for the car and putting down some more limestone.

The last part of getting the site prepared is moving the shed over to the left hand side of the site and putting gazebo up at the back of the site. this entails laying a level solid area for the shed, using up more of the paving slabs. We are actually starting to look quite respectable....and all for nothing!

BTW, I used the "Royal" we. Michael has done it all, pretty much by himself. My back and joints just will not allow me to do such heavy labour. I guess you could say I was the chief supervisor and cheerleader.

Michael removing the paving slabs from the old wooden framework. revealing a lot of limestone.

Moving the paving slabs over to the other side of the RV pad

Getting rid of old wood pieces

Lots of limestone under the paving slabs

The Seneca is on the site and Michael is getting the deck modules in place

Making sure it is all level

Slabs for the driver's side of the Seneca

The deck is done. The shed will be moved over to the left side of the site and the gazebo will go where the shed is.