Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Stuck in the mud!!!!

This past weekend we travelled west to Lake Whittaker Campground just south of London, Ontario. We were booked on a 30 amp site (111) in the poolside area. We enjoyed the drive there in the rain, oohing and aahing at how quiet and smooth Kyalami (the RV) is. My dishes did not even rattle.

We arrived at the campground in rain, found our site and checked the ground. It seemed solid. we both weigh less than 190 lbs. The RV weighs about 35,000 lbs. Guess what! You got it, we reversed into the site, put the jacks down and started sinking! Panic stations! We asked the park staff to try and help us get some boards under the wheels which we did, by jacking the back up with the jacks on wooden boards. Alas the wheels just spun on the wet boards. After trying for about 45 minutes, we realized that we were not going to get out on our own power so called Coach Net. We had bought the roadside assistance the week before and so glad we did! They were fantastic! A heavy duty tow truck arrived in about 30 minutes, hooked up the front axle and winched us out. whew!

Now we had a problem. Couldn't go back onto our site and the campground was full. The manager very kindly allowed us to park in the parking lot for the group camping area. No hookups, but that was fine as we are completely self contained, with a 7500 W Generator, fresh, grey and black water tanks. It took us a few tries to find a level spot, but we eventually got parked and were very comfortable. We got some very funny looks from those people who did not see us getting hauled out.

Wheel jacked up and boards placed under the wheels
Trying to get boards under the wheels
The holes from the back leveller jacks. 
The tow truck has arrived.
This thing is BIG!
We are sitting half out of the site, before being hitched up to the winch.
We're out! Quite a mess left behind.
Leveller hole.
The wheels were just slipping on the boards.
Parked in the Group Camping Parking lot.
After a wonderful weekend with a group of South African friends we left on Tuesday morning and drove to Strathroy, West of London. The reason for this trip is that we needed to go and see the furniture company who built the new LCD TV into the front of the RV. We need to get into the back of the TV to put an HDMI cable in. Michael had tried to get the TV out, but was unable to figure out how to do it. It took three carpenters almost an hour to get it out. It was in there so tight! We do know how to do it now.
Kyalami at the wood shop in Strathroy

It took 4 men to put in the HDMI cable. 3 to hold the TV and cabinet and 1 to put the cable in!