Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Winkler, Manitoba

We spent two nights in Winkler as we still had a few things we wanted them to do. One of which was to check the seals on the back cargo doors. We have been having a lot of leakage in rain storms. After a lot of fixing and checking, they found the leak in the rear door. The flange had been bent and water was leaking into the cargo area. That was eventually fixed and we decided to stay one more night in the customer parking lot (with water and electricity connection) and leave for Toronto on September 1st. I was very happy as I was able to pick up wi-fi internet right inside the RV. Triple E has a good internet service in their customer lounge which was just on the other side of the building wall.

We are planning to drive and see how far we get, then look for a campground. Early to bed on the night of the 31st. Planning to get an early start on Wednesday morning.

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