Thursday, August 26, 2010

Craters of the Moon and Jackson/Snake River KOA

We packed up and set off early in the morning to make the most of the day. The drive to Craters of the Moon National Monument was only about 25 kms. Before we even got there we started seeing the evidence of volcanic action.

Craters of the Moon is an incredible place where there was volcanic action in the past. If you click on the post heading, you will be taken to the National Park Services web page that can give you much more information that I can put into the blog.

We did most of the short hikes, and went into 2 caves. A short way into the Indian Tunnel and right into Beauty Cave. Luckily our friend, Tom, who had been there about a month before, advised us to take a flashlight. Beauty cave is pitch black inside!

One of the short walks was to the spatter cones and we were quite bemused to see that one of the cones, appropriately called Snow cone, still had snow right at the bottom.

We left the park after lunch and began the long trek to Jackson, Wyoming where we have a cabin booked at the Jackson/Snake River KOA.

The trip through Idaho from the park was quite interesting. We went from the Snake River Plain in Idaho, through Idaho Falls and into Wyoming. After our last experience in Wyoming when we almost froze to death we were very happy to be going to a cabin.

The drive up to Jackson was great! The scenery along the Snake River was very pastoral, with wide valleys and green hillsides. We missed the sign for the KOA and ended up right in Jackson. Very kitschy, expensive little town. There is a building code and most of the buildings are built in the log cabin type architecture. One main road through the middle of town so it was very VERY busy. We had to do a U turn and go back. Then we saw the sign tucked away almost behind a sign for white water rafting on the snake river.

We were happy with the cabin and the fact that they had excellent free wi-fi service. The cabins all face the Snake and there are steps down to the river. The tent sites are all down on the river bank. Don't know how smart that would be if there was a sudden storm up river! To book a campsite, you have to also book a rafting trip.

We had very friendly neighbours and ended spending the evening sitting around the fire with Sunshine and Brett Gearhart from Johnstown in Colorado. They have a daughter who goes out to Mozambique from time to time as a missionary working for a Christian Organization there. We were able to put them in touch with Mike and Joan Hanchett, who were our pastors in South Africa. They now live in Denver, Colorado. We also gave them the web site for my Brother-in-law, Simon who has a South African Blog. Hopefully they can get some info about the African scene. We instantly made a connection. Again we went to bed, secure in the thought that the cabin would be quiet and warm

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