Friday, August 06, 2010

Indiana Dunes State Park to Moorhead KOA

Today was a long drive. The biggest hurdle was getting through Chicago. As we came through the city at about 11 am it wasn't too bad, but man those highways and toll roads!! We missed one toll booth and now have to send the money by mail, within the next week. What a pain!! Once we were out of Chicago it was pretty plain sailing, except for a big delay because of Obama's stimulus dollars at work on the highways. This holdup was in the region of St Paul, Minnesota. Wisconsin is very much like rural Ontario. Minnesota starts hilly but begins to get quite flat the further north you go. We crossed the Mississippi River in Minneapolis-St Paul

We decided to stop for the night at Moorhead KOA, and then drive the few miles to West Fargo, to visit a friend, the next day. What a dump!! This is by far the worst KOA we have ever stayed in. We will NOT be returning. It was off the I94 on a very dusty dirt road, which curved around and the campground was right next to the highway. The sites were tiny and the one they gave us was right on top of the site behind us so those people were almost camped in our living room. Our site was so close to the dirt road inside the campground that every time someone drove past, the dust was kicked up into our MH. While I was cooking supper it happened 3 times and I ended up yelling at the louts who were camping on the group site and every so often would send one of their buddies out in a car, presumably to buy more beer. In the morning, as I was about to step out, I almost stepped into a "Gift" left by some passing pooch. Lovely.

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