Monday, August 09, 2010

Handing our home over to the factory

This morning we handed the RV over to the folks at Triple E. They made a note of all the places where they needed to repair the fiberglass. We also asked them to replace the microwave with a convection/microwave. Replace the kitchen sink. Attach a flip up counter to the end of the galley and put a fitting on the gas tank so that we can use it for the barbecue etc. Gonna cost a bit, but all these things will help make our home more comfortable.

We left Winkler at about 1030 and drove West to the nearest border crossing, down into North Dakota. We took some side roads to get down to the I 90 so most of the day was taken up with getting through the one state. We stopped for the night at a Motel on Rte 85. Very sparse pickings for accommodation. North Dakota is very flat and full of farms growing sunflowers.

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