Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mammoth Hot Springs and on into Montana

As Mammoth Hot Springs was on the Northern route out of Yellowstone, we decided to  go there on our way out of the park. This is the largest know carbonate depositing hot spring in the world. It quite something to see. It seems as if a whole hill has been created by the hot spring. There are terraces down the hillside as well ans hot streams of mineral laden water that run down the hill. Spectacular. In the same area is Roaring Mountain where there are a lot of fumaroles or dry springs that just blow super heated air out as the water has evaporated before reaching the surface. Incredible. The mountain does roar! After seeing Mammoth, we drove along a small road that took us past an orange mound. There are hot springs on top of it, and one that looks just like a bubbling coffee percolator. The orange mound itself, looked like a big orange Wookie (Star Wars). Very interesting.

We left Yellowstone knowing that we will be back as we really only scratched the surface. You need to spend at least 3 to 4 days there, but we'll leave that for another visit.

We travelled to Miles City in Montana and went straight to the KOA but I had not reserved a cabin and they (all 2 of them) were all reserved. Didn't fancy the tent, so we found a nice Motel in the town and booked in. A little bonus was that the only non smoking room they had was a handicap suite, so we got a huge room with an enormous bathroom. Slept well as another boomer thundered outside.

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