Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back into the US

Wednesday morning we had every intention of leaving early. Well, Michael went to get the propane tank filled as we were probably going to need the furnace because it was definitely cooling down at night. He was directed to the local Co-op place where they fill propane tanks. The young guy who came to fill the tank did not know what he was doing. First he was "bleeding" the tank for close to 2 hours and then he tried to fill it and told us that it was full. No it wasn't. Every gauge tells us it it is almost empty, but he insisted that he was unable to put any more in. We decided that we would just leave and get it filled at Camping World in Michigan. We eventually got away at about midday.

Crossed the border at the Eastern end of Manitoba and turned to go into Minnesota at Grand Forks, North Dakota. Most of the way it was cool and rainy. Interesting route, in that we stayed off the interstates, choosing instead to take Route 2. We got to Bemidji KOA and booked into a nice RV site. They also had Pizza for delivery right to your RV, which we ordered.

This was a very nice park, with a great swimming pool in which I had a lovely swim.

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