Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sardines, Seals, Surfers, Scenery, and a Sea Otter.

Monterey and beyond, CA

One of the things on my bucket list to drive HWY 1 through the Big Sur. Imagine my dismay that, due to some major storm damage, that a big chunk of that drive is closed. The bridge over Pfeiffer Canyon has had to be demolished and will be rebuilt over the next 6 months. Another reason to come back here to the West.

Our day started in Cannery Row of Monterey where we walked around for about 30 minutes looking at the waterfront and some of the old sardine canning factories that are now transformed into restaurants, hotels and boutiques

The ocean side of Cannery Row

Converted into Hotels and Condos. I wonder if you can still smell the sardines.

Cannery Row Monument

We carried on south down HWY1 stopping to take a few photos here and there. The ocean views are spectacular.

A part of the beach is closed off because of seals and calves who are protected.

We then went on to Lover's Point where we watched a sea otter fishing and some surfers.

Sea otter floating on his back. I think he was eating mussels or something because he kept diving  and coming up.

Lots of wild flowers

In Carmel
I thought I had taken a lot more photos of Carmel, but if I did, I lost them.

Unfortunately we missed Point Lobos all because I did not do my homework before we came on this trip. Yet another excuse to come back.

But we did see some other very beautiful spots along the coast


Bixby Bridge

Bixby Bridge from the other side

Too soon we had to turn back as gas was getting low and it was getting late. Another place to come back to!

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  1. Nice photos of the coast. We look forward to visiting that area on one of our future trips.

  2. Lovely photos, Dee! Seems one year Russ and I need to take that trip. The views are breathtaking!!