Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Coffee and Danish anyone??

Solvang, California
Monday, March 20th

We left our lovely hilltop site early because we had a small concern regarding our booking for our next campground.

I had, or thought I had, reserved Flying Flags in Buellton for the night on Monday night. The plan was to go to Solvang for a walkabout, some coffee and Danish Pastries then in the afternoon drive over to Flying Flags for the night. Despite several call by RPI (a camping membership company) and us we had heard nothing, so we went straight to the campground and booked in for 50% off using a membership connected to RPI. That was fine with us, so we parked, connected the electric cord and drove the 5 miles to Solvang.

This is a cute little tourist town founded by some Danes in the early 19th century. Danish styled buildings, bakeries and coffee shops cashing in on everything Danish. They even have a replica of the Little Mermaid. We had a cup of fantastic coffee and some Danish pastries from Mortensen's Bakery. Very delicious. A couple of pastries to take home and we then went back to the RV Park.

Here are some photos of our pastries and other things we saw in Solvang

Visitor Center

Hans Christian Andersen



Dansih Waffle with cream cheese and raspberry jam

Apple Danish


Carousel horse

Do you think Timmy would like to be carried in one of these?

Clogged street?

Round Tower (replica)

Pretty building

Another windmill

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  1. Looks like you got settled in there , toured the town and enjoy some nice pastries.

  2. Very interesting place, another place to add to our list, thanks for sharing. Safe travels

  3. Definitely an Interesting little town and you said it right touristy. Someplace we would check out if we were in the area.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.