Friday, February 10, 2012

A Staple??? Are you sure?

We moved V into her new room in the Assisted Living section of The Chateau yesterday. Her room is quite small, but we did manage to get her bed, a night stand, her recliner, a chair for visitors and a TV stand and TV in. She is quite comfortable and what is most important is that she is safe and being taken of 24 hours a day. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

We also took her to have X-rays of her hips and pelvis yesterday afternoon. There does not seem to be a fracture, but there is a very curious thing. There is a staple in her body on the right hand side, just above her hip joint. Not a surgical staple, a paper staple and what's is open! The X-ray tech searched her clothing and on the table for the staple but did not find it anywhere. So it has to be in her. Very strange. The tech took us into the radiology department and we saw it on the X-rays. They took 3 just to be sure.

So here I am back at home in the Seneca and looking at RV Resort sites to see where we are going next. Would love to go to Caliente Springs or to Pismo Beach. Or maybe down to the San Diego area. We have several memberships so there is a great choice. Any suggestions?

We are moving out of Escondido RV Resort on February 15th and putting the RV into RV World Storage just 5 minutes from The Chateau. We will be staying in V's condo at the Chateau for a month.


  1. Very strange about the staple. But knowing that V is getting around the clock care is such a relief and I think it will be for her also.

  2. It must be a great relief for V and you that she is in a safe, comfortable place with someone always there for her.

  3. Nice to hear that V is being taken care of now, will give you guys a break.

  4. How nice to get her settled in. I always told my kids I never wanted to make them take care of me. Instead I want to go to a place where professionals can give care. Then we can enjoy our visits together, instead of having them work to care for me and resent it.

    Karen and Steve
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  5. Even though she is in Assisted Living, I am still fretting over her. Are they lifting her properly? Are they turning her every 2 hours at night? Are they attending to her bedsores on her coccyx (that she got in the Respite hospital)? Do they see that she is slightly short of breath. I guess, once a nurse, always a nurse!!

  6. I spend way too much time looking at a map and scooping out places we might want to go. I also looked at Pismo Beach but now we're saying maybe in the Fall. However, who knows when it really might be.

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    Mike and Dee