Friday, February 03, 2012

Cabot, Cabazon and Cakes

We were up early this morning and I took a walk about and took some more photos of Catalina Spa and RV Resort. The air was fresh and the birds were out singing. A glorious morning!. After breakfast we drove over to the Cabot Pueblo Museum. The Docent met us at the gate, but we did not do the tour ($9:00 each), maybe next time. We walked around the grounds and looked at the buildings from the outside. While there we saw a Roadrunner up on the roof of one of the buildings. Interesting place with a magnificent view of the mountains. It was fun trying to imagine what this man's life was like here at the Pueblo and how he would react to this modern world with wind turbines and solar panels everywhere. Wiki Clicky

I have made the photos a bit smaller as there are so many on this post. To enlarge them just click on the first one and you will get to see them on Lightbox. Read the captions before you open them, however as Lightbox does not show the captions

A most unusual collection of buildings


After the museum we decided to drive to the Desert Hills Premium Outlets at Cabazon to get a swim suit for me and shoes for Michael. On the way we stopped to take some photos of the Dinosaurs, again we did not go into the pay area where they have the mechanical dinosaurs, but took a few photos of the big concrete ones outside the enclosure.

Michael standing on the foot of the one dinosaur

We went all the way to the Outlets and we could not find anything, so back to Palm Springs and Sherman's Deli and Bakery. There was a 20 minute wait for a table and it was well worth it. We had the best Reuben Sandwich. 

Lovely Ladies,  Debbie and Bessy at the reception counter of Sherman's

The Menu

Our Reuben Sandwich

Their bakery section has the most delicious looking cakes and other bakery goods, but we resisted the temptation and came back to the resort. 

Another nice swim and a soak in the hot water before a light soup supper.  

Me in the hot spa

The Spa is in the area with the arches, protected from the sun and the wind


  1. What a full day you two had. Great pictures and wonderful tour. That Reuben looks much meat! Your resort looks so lovely and peaceful. Enjoy your day! ~wheresweaver

  2. Sure, you resisted the temptation and then you put it out there for all of us to drool over. Not fair! lol Even your sandwich looks great and I'm not a real Reuben fan. Guess I must be hungry. Looks like a great day in your neighborhood.

  3. So nice that you are enjoying the area and the spas!

  4. Wow...looks like a great day. Tracy always asked me to stop to see the dinosaurs on our way to Ventura, so the one day in 15 years that I relented, we got out of the car and the wind was so strong and cold that we ran up, snapped a few pictures and ran back to the car. So much for spending time with the dinosaurs. Good news is that Tracy doesn't ask to stop anymore. :)

  5. Oh, all those desserts! I would have brought home at least 4 of them. Hot spa looks good too.

  6. I could have eaten quite a few slices of those desserts and then brought some home, too! Thank goodness, I didn't. I would have hated myself for being such a piggy!

  7. Great photos. My 9 yr old Taylor would love the dinosaurs! I'm closing my eyes and imagining I am there, in the hot springs, eating a Danish. Ahhhh. This is nice :)