Sunday, February 05, 2012

How the Super Bowl changes everything

First things, first. Welcome to new reader, Lady Dyna Ryder. Glad you are coming along for the ride.

Ok, the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl. What do I know about the Super Bowl?? Absolutely nothing, zilch, nada, zip. So, you say how does it change everything? Well, I am not sure it does, but this is how it changes things for me. Normally, I watch the program and fast forward through the commercials.

Now, I am fast forwarding through the game and I am watching the commercials. Do you think the advertisers know this? Of course they do, that's why they put on the best ads during the game, because they know there are millions of people, like me, who do this. Of course there are those who are actually watching the game and also watch the commercials, so it's a win win situation for the advertisers.

The commercial that has caught my eye is the one about the Samsung Galaxy Note. Why, you ask? Because I am a technophile. In other words, I am a geek granny, a grandmother who was born too soon. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY.

The game is over and the New York Giants won. Who cares? The big thing for me was the phone/tablet that you can do something on the screen with a stylus. I just have to investigate that!


  1. Somewhere along the line I missed that commercial. Since technology is not my friend I may have seen it but blocked it from my brain. lol

  2. We must be related because I could have written this post :)


  3. Yep that's the super bowl for us too!

  4. New header picture...beautiful!
    I thought the commercials were excellent this year. And I enjoyed the half-time show. Really a good game.