Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Everything is moving so fast....

I may be off line for a few days as we are moving dearest Virginia into care on Thursday. I have a million forms to fill in (wish my sister was here).

The Seneca is going into storage nearby and Michael and I will be staying in the Chateau condo for a month to sort things out. During this time we may take a few short trips to a nearby beach or desert.

Our son comes for a few days toward the end of February and then my sister will be here at the end of March, just before we leave to return to Canada.

There will be intermittent posts, so please don't run away. I may even get V to do that post before the move.

Welcome to our 50th member, Gene and Judy. Thanks for coming along for the ride, which is somewhat bumpy at the moment. However we will be back on track before long.


  1. Michael and Dee - Hope all goes well, went through that with my Father a few years back and thank goodness Tracy is great with paperwork processing. Take good care and we will miss your posts until you return.



  2. Good luck with all the paperwork and hopefully V will get that post done.

  3. Best wishes. We will all be here when you get back :)

  4. we will continue to check in on you folks and on V...we will definitely be here when you get back...good luck with the paper work..there always seems to be miles of it in this type of situation...we have definitely been thru it with Ricks parents..hard to do but best for all involved...take care and good luck...

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  6. AAARGH!
    Karen and Steve, I removed your comment by mistake. I was spammed by someone and was removing his comment, and deleted your by mistake. Please forgive me!