Friday, April 20, 2012

About to cross over.

Where are we today? 
West Memphis, Arkansas

Tomorrow we cross the Mississippi and will truly be in the "east". We are camped at the Walmart right next to the I 40 and I think the highway noise will be "white noise". Not much will keep us awake tonight.

As soon as we drove in, the Walmart Security officer drove over to us and told us where to park and said "Stay as long as you like!" Now wasn't that nice of him!

Thank you, sir, but we will be leaving here in the morning and going to Flying J down the road and filling this hungry beast!

I wonder where we will be tomorrow night??

Here is our route so far.

Remember to use the tools in the upper left corner to navigate around the map.

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  1. Your "Hungry beast" did not eat much all winter its just making up for lost time.

    Don't forget to enjoy the journey, and not the destination, travel safe.

    1. You are absolutely right, George. We did not use much fuel for the RV during the winter, but we racked up a huge gas bill in the car driving back and forth every day to Miss Virginia. Not that I begrudge that. We are enjoying the journey and just thinking how much we will enjoy it next winter when we can it slow. Thinking about picking up another membership that will allow us to stay for free in some places.

  2. You guys must have a stronger back wind than we are getting... we are just sort of taking our time, and hit Amarillo Texas tonight... west side RV Park at $11.00 a night... had to watch some hockey!

    Safe travels!

    1. The winds have been good to us, most of the time. Very wet day today. Hope it has passed us by.