Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Santa Fe and Pecos National Historical Park

Where are we today?
Santa Fe, NM

Our trip into Santa Fe was most enjoyable. We wandered around the town centre looking at all the lovely adobe buildings, wandering the streets around the central plaza. We saw the Palace of the Governors, the Basilica of St Francis, Georgia O'Keefe Gallery and then had a lovely lunch at Cafe Pasqual's. I had a Breakfast Quesadilla and Michael had the Smoked Trout Hash. Very nice.

After lunch we jumped back in the car and headed north on I 25 to Pecos National Historical Park. This is a place where there are ruins of an old Indian adobe pueblo and ruins of an old Catholic Church.

Here are an assortment of our pictures from today. (Can you believe that we both forgot to take a photo of the Palace of the Governors).

Firstly Santa Fe - I just love the architecture.

Crazy sculpture
Attractive walkway
Row of shops in a very old building
Inside the Basilica Cathedral of St Francis
Sculpture in the Cathedral Gardens
Quirky bench
Pasqual's Cafe where we had brunch
Interesting courtyard
I have a thing for doorways
Just love the adobe architecture
More interesting buildings 
We almost ate here. Place called The Shed
So interesting
This was the only picture we took of the Palace of the Governors
Inside Pasqual's Cafe
Michael's Smoked trout on potato cake with poached eggs and salsa
My Quesadilla
Looking out
Hemp Store

Pictures from Pecos National Historical Park

Ruin of the second church

Picture of the Palace of the Governors as it was.

Michael comes out of a Kiva

Just what I needed to know

Michael in the church

Diorama of an inhabited Pueblo 


  1. Great pictures once again. But I certainly don't need a sign to tell me to avoid rattlesnakes. The wording on that sign just cracked me up.

  2. We really enjoyed Santa Fe. We loved San Miguel Mission.
    Great photos of Pecos National Historical Park. Never visited that area.

  3. another wonderful area to stay and enjoy!

  4. What a great bunch of pictures... what do you use for internet to get all them posted??? Sante Fe looks like a great spot to be a tourist...

    1. We had quite good internet at the RV park and we also have unlimited internet on my Verizon cell phone, which I have set up as a wifi hotspot using an app called FoxFi. Works great on the road. I have AllStays app called Camp and RV and it shows me upcoming things like gas stations, rest areas, RV parks, Overnight Parking, Walmarts and a whole host of other stuff. Also available for Android tablets. In my opinion a must for all RVers.

  5. Wonderful post.. I think I like the ruins and the countryside better than the city stuff. Looks like you had a nice time exploring the area (with NO snakes!)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. excellent pictures.love the architecture....wonderful looking area