Friday, April 27, 2012

Home but not home.

Where are we?
Cedar beach Park, Stouffville, Ontario

Welcome to new readers, Sassy and Bennie.

We arrived back in Ontario on Thursday afternoon to find our site at our home base has not been leveled or graveled. I emailed the manager about 2 weeks ago about what we wanted done and, of course it hasn't been. The site is very muddy and soft and we are afraid that we will sink into the mud and not be able to get out. I really want to get going with getting the deck and garden sorted out. So until we are on our site and have access to our cable internet, there will be no posts. :-(

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  1. Welcome back to Canada... too bad about your lot work not being completed... hopefully they fix it up soon!

  2. Here's hoping that you are level and connected soon