Sunday, April 15, 2012

Did Montezuma have a Castle in Arizona??

Where are we today? 
Dancing Eagle Travel Center RV Park

We left Camp verde early and got to Montezuma's Castle National Park by about 9:30 am so that we could get RV parking.

It is a very interesting place and we enjoyed the hour we spent there looking at the ancient construction high up on the cliff face. Here are a couple of photos.

The main part of the "Castle"

Diorama of the inside of what the living quarters were like

The rest of the photos are from the road of our trip up to Flagstaff and then through Eastern Arizona and into New Mexico. We are overnighting at Dancing Eagle Casino Travel Center. Not a very aesthetically pleasing place, but we do have $50 amps and full hook ups for only $10 for the the night. In the morning we will have breakfast at the casino and be on our way, probably to Santa Fe. Looking at San Felipe Hollywood Casino for 2 nights while we take in the sights in Santa Fe.

Starting to see snow as we get to the higher altitudes of Flagstaff. They had a big snowfall yesterday.
Closer to Flagstaff

Curious dome construction.
Starting to see some of the beautiful red colours in the buttes and mesas 

Strange rock formations


  1. Good tip about the casino

  2. We missed Montezuma's Castle this time around.
    Dancing Eagle Casino is the worst casino we ever stayed at. Their pay off is terrible. We said we will not stay there again.
    Great photos of the ride.