Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wind, Water and it's not my Fault

The weather reports have told us that the wind will blow for the next 2 to 3 days. It started blowing last night, then died down overnight. By this afternoon it was blowing pretty hard, but once again it has calmed down. Another windy day tomorrow, I think.

This morning we drove over to the Coachella Valley Preserve to the East of us. (I have put the link on here, but it is a terrible web site). This is where you can see a pretty awesome oasis called Thousand Palms, (this link is to a wonderful page with photos taken by a New Zealander. Don't know who he is, but the photos are great!) The Oasis is created by water that is coming up through the San Andreas Fault. From the Visitor's Center you walk about a mile to the beautiful pool in amongst the palm trees. After the oasis there is path to Vista point, a view point on a hill overlooking the valley. We went up there and took some photos. By midday the wind was starting to blow pretty hard, so down we came and drove down into Cathedral City for buns and gas for the car. Some photos from todays hike.


Gambel's Quail

McCallum Trail

Did not see any of these

The start of the trail

Boardwalk through the first part of the oasis

Beautiful cool, peaceful place.

Clear water

Little bird waiting for insects

Walking up the hill to Vista Point
Trail signs. The hill in the background is Vista Point. You can see hikers up there.

View along the valley to the east

Palm Oasis

On Vista Point

Some of the wildlife ;-)

View from Vista Point

Lizard on a rock

Hills and rock formations

Chimney Ranch within the Coachella Preserve


When we got back to the Resort, I went and had a nice soak in the hot spa and then sat in a sheltered spot and read my book until I was dry. Couldn't get into the pool as there was a very boisterous game of Water Volleyball going on. 

Here are some more photos of the resort.

Hot spa pool in the foreground and a kiddies paddling pool in the background

Water Volleyball

The view out of our back window. The San Andreas fault runs through that field somewhere.


  1. It looks very beautiful and relaxing there. Enjoy your stay!

  2. What a lovely place to go explore. It certainly sounds like you had a terrific outing.

  3. Gotta love the area there.
    No volleyball in the lower pool, always room there. Joshua Tree national park is a nice day trip as well if you get a chance. Have fun.

  4. We love that trail. You took some beautiful pictures. Enjoy the area.

  5. Hope you have a great time there and I hope the wind stops blowing so hard! Enjoy.

  6. beautiful resort....& beautiful country...enjoy!! hope the wind dies down for you