Saturday, February 18, 2012

This puts it all in perspective for us Canadians

California fuel prices are going through the roof! As you can see from the screen shots on this page Diesel is quite a bit higher than gas.

If prices keeping going higher and higher will you change your RV driving habits? Give up RVing? Stay longer and drive shorter distances? What will you do? Scroll right to the bottom of the page to get the Canadian perspective.

Gas:     USD 4.09 per gallon = CAD 1.10 per litre.  
Diesel: USD 4.23 per gallon = CAD 1.14 per litre. 

Lowest gas prices in these states
Arizona: USD 3.69 = 99c CAD
Texas: USD 3.49 =  94c CAD
New Mexico = Arizona
Louisiana: $3.59 = 96.7c CAD

Calculated using Gas Runner app (for the iPhone) on the iPad.

Today's Canadian prices 

In Toronto:
Gas  price = $1.19 - $1.31 / litre
Diesel price = $ 1.25 - $1.46 / litre 

In Vancouver:
Gas price = $1.20 - $1.37
Diesel price = $1.23 - $1.46

In Calgary:
Gas = $1.03 - $1.14
Diesel = $1.11 - $1.23

Enjoy your travels!!


  1. That definitely does provide a little perspective. I don't worry about prices - my opinion is, they're going to do whatever they do. What good does it do me to worry about it? We will adapt to whatever the prices are vs. our budget. If it costs more to move frequently, we will stay in one place longer and change our habits as needed. Some people might consider that as burying my head in the sand, but I just don't see the point in worrying about something over which I have zero control.

  2. Yesterday we saw gas stations prices in Yuma running $3.55 - $3.59. However, we also saw a couple of Arco Stations at $3.47. Then, just across the state line, there is a Shell Station selling it for $4.25.

  3. We just posted our 7,000 mile adventure starting in March. You didn't make us too happy with this post...LOL We are going to start the trek and see how prices go. If they go to high, we will toss the trip and maybe go to Utah. What a beautiful state that is. Lots to do and we won't have to move too much to do it. ~wheresweaver

  4. The comparison of a litre to a gallon is not right. A gallon is much more than an litre. If you would calculate how many litres it takes to make a gallon, there would not be such a difference!

    1. Nan, I am hopeless at math so I used an app on the iPad. You input the cost per Gallon in US$ and then it automatically calculates the Canadian $ per litre at the rate as it is when you do the calculation. I take it in blind faith that the app does the calculation correctly.

    2. The app even tells you how much you saved filling in the US as opposed to in Canada.

  5. We won't be traveling as much with the higher prices. Our route back to Montana will be much more direct. Not sure what will happen next fall - I'd like to travel some but not sure we'll be able to. Definitely makes a dent in our budget.

  6. I hear Ya! I believe the cost is very close to the same...CA or US....but please do not hold my fingers to the fire. I make calculation errors.....occasionally (hehehe)