Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blogger, why did you do that???

New Blogger word ID  
Blogger has changed their word verification for comments to a very hard to read two word verification. I have changed my comment system as at least one of our readers has alerted us to this. So I am now back to personal verification. If your comment does not show immediately, please be patient as it may be some time before I am able to approve your comment. I have been spammed in the past, so this will be the way I have to do it now.


  1. Thanks for changing, that is a crazy system. I have always ussed the moderation system only and that has worked just fine.

    I am thinking I may stop trying to comment on blogs with it because I have yet to get in right on the first try:(

    1. I have posted instructions for those bloggers who don't know how to change their settings. Hope it helps someone.

  2. Not sure why they keep playing around with their settings. ~wheresweaver

  3. Hey that is great, I hope you get the word out. I just found your blog, but I have run into problems replying on other blogs for this very reason. Your blog looks really interesting I will will be checking back often.