Monday, August 30, 2010

Montana, North Dakota, Winkler and our motor home

A very early start this morning because we have a lot of ground to cover. We are going to try and be in Winkler by tonight. I had emailed Triple E and asked them to park the motor home in the customer parking so that we could just get into it and settle up with them in the morning. I don't want to go into another cabin, campground or motel. Just want my own bed, in my own home.

The day was cool and wet most of the way. We drove through Montana which was not what I had expected. I thought Montana was all mountainous. Not so. The Eastern end of Montana is rolling countryside, with the occasional small range of hills. A lot of open grassland. There are some interesting rock formations and also quite a lot of history with the Battle of Little Bighorn, but we will have to put those things onto the agenda for another trip. The one thing we did was see the most amazing rainbow that stretched right over the road. Just beautiful.
Full rainbow across the road in Montana

Strange rock formations. Montana

Flat countryside, eastern Montana

Into North Dakota, a quick stop at Minot for lunch and then up into Manitoba. It was getting very late and we were anxious not to get to the border crossing too late. All the smaller crossings between the US and Canada are not open 24 hours and we did not want to go all the over to I29. So we took the first turn North and entered Canada at a very quiet, rural border post. No wait and after the border guard took one look at our jam packed car, he just waved us through.  As it turned out, the small borders only close at 10 pm. We went through at about 5:30 pm.

Leaving Montana

..and into North Dakota

The geographical centre of North America, Rugby, North Dakota

First thing we did in Canada was stop at Tim Horton's coffee for our favourite cuppa Joe and then we went to Triple E and there she was, parked in the Customer Parking, all plugged in, white, washed, polished and shiny with the new panels at the bottom. What a difference! Inside, all the work we asked for was done. We had a new sink installed, a flip up counter in the galley and new taps in the kitchen and bathroom. They were unable to install a new convection/microwave as the space allotted to a microwave was not big enough for a convection to be installed. Not a big problem as we have a small portable convection oven anyway. They also installed an adapter on the motor home propane tank to allow us to run any of our propane appliances off the main tank.

Our Regal at the Triple E factory in Winkler, Manitoba

It was with joyful hearts that we unpacked and settled into our home. It poured with rain all night.

Michael in the bright orange poncho, getting the Regal hooked up for our 2 night stay. We had water and electricity in a feww site at the factory.

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