Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We have been evicted!!!

When we were in Thousand Trails Colorado River in November we saw an ad in their front office that stated that Thousand Trails members could stay at Tropic Winds in Harlingen, Texas under their membership.

So I made a reservation for us to go there for 2 weeks Jan 11th to Jan 25th. I then made reservations at a Coast to Coast resort ($10 a night) in Brownsville for our weeks out, then a reservation back at Tropic Winds for the following two weeks. Once we had parked at Tropic Winds, we were able to make our next reservation for the following two weeks. At that time, we decided that we would like to just stay here and not go out to a Coast to Coast Park, so we cancelled those and made a reservation for Tropic Winds to stay here at a cost of $170 for the week. 

Yesterday afternoon we received a phone call from the Thousand Trails Corporate call centre, and they informed us that we were not permitted at Tropic Winds with our membership. This park is only for those who have the Elite Membership, which costs in the region of $5000. Boy, were we mad! We had cancelled our Coast to Coast reservations and on checking their web sites, found that there were no sites available. There are other options, but no other Thousand Trails in this area!

Friends who are boondocking in Arizona are urging us to hitch up and drive over there. We'll see. It is an awful long way!

So, dear friends, watch this space. We may be on the road tomorrow morning.


The manager here is in Quartzsite at the big RV show there, so we could not see her. So we saw the Thousand Trails rep here who says that he cannot do anything to appease us, but he is going to speak to someone about our case. I doubt they will do anything. He said we could buy a Nationwide membership which would allow us to stay but that costs $2000 so we said NO. Waiting to hear back from him, but not optimistic.


Well, Thousand Trails would not budge. The rep here tried to get us a new Zone membership and include our old MaxPass. But again the answer was NO. We could get the new membership, but would lose the MaxPass which is no longer being offered. So we leave here on Saturday and move to a Coast to Coast park in Edinburg, just north of McAllen, for a week. After that we will try and get into Isla Blanca on S. Padre Island. 


  1. That is just crappy service! They should honor those posters that were put up, because there weren't any noted exceptions on the bottom! They should say "thank you" for calling it to their attention, they should apologize profusely, and promise their posters will be corrected in the future! aarrgghhhhh

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. We have never had a problem like that, but do not stay at many Thousand Trails resorts. On reason we like enjoy Arizona is because of the weather and no problems finding boondocking sites out here at all.
    Its a long way from there to here and kind of late in the winter to be backing that long trek, in my opinion.
    In less than a month we will begin heading back to Ontario.

  3. WOW...that is terrible news. So sorry that they did this to you. Where ever you decide to go, please have a safe travel day.