Friday, January 31, 2014

Poop and horses and an attack!

On our last day at Lazy Palm Ranch we went to the Lower Rio Grande Valley Wildlife Refuge nearby. The plan was to walk along the path to La Sal Del Rey.
I looked at the map on the internet and thought I knew where to go to get close to the lake. Well, we found a gate with a small entrance for pedestrians, so we parked and went in.
At the entrance
Once on the path I felt very apprehensive because there was a lot of unknown scat, and it was not all deer or other antelope droppings. some of it looked like a big cat type animal.
We saw a beautiful Green Jay (no photo) and some other birds and lots of poop.

Unknown poop!
It did not look like dog poop because it was full of hair.
The road stretched away into the distance.
This was a huge pile of deer or Nilgai poop.
Anyway, we decided to go back to the gate and drive around to another parking area where we had seen some cars parked. As Michael was reversing to turn around, he saw what looked like a large cat. It was not a Bobcat because it had a long heavy tail. We drove slowly toward where he had seen it, but it had already gone into the bush and disappeared. Later we looked at some photos and decided that it was an Ocelot. There are only 50 left in Southern Texas.
We headed back about 2 miles and pulled into the other parking lot and read the signs about the salt lakes. Instead of repeating what they said, I'll just publish the photos here.
Very interesting, so off we set once again to try and get to the salt lake. About half a mile up the road we were attacked! By mosquitoes! Swarms of them. It was impossible to go any further, so without seeing the lake, we retraced our steps and went back to Lazy Palms Ranch.
On the way back we stopped off at the little ranch across the road and chatted with the horses.

By the way, this was the only warm day we had while we were camped there.


  1. Looks like a "poopy day" ... haha too bad the skeeters chased you off!~

    Karen and Steve
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