Monday, December 17, 2012

Sun and Fun on the Beach

Where are we today?
Bulow Plantation RV Park, Flagler Beach, FL

Today was really hot, sunny and wonderful. We decided to go south to Daytona Beach and tootle around along the sea shore. We were not too impressed with Daytona. It is very busy and very commercialized. We did go down and took a look at the beach where you can drive onto, but it was high tide, so not much beach to see. We eventually ended up at Flagler Beach so that Timmy could have his beach fix for the day.

Tomorrow we leave here and head out to Orlando 1000 Trail preserve for about 9 days. Camping for free!

Daytona Beach, World's Most Famous Beach (Really??)

Part of that beach. closed to vehicles because of the high tide

80F today. Strip down weather.

Timmy digging for Spanish Doubloons.


  1. Looks like a great day, a little cooler here in Arizona.

  2. ALOT Cooler here in Northern California. Sunny 80 sounds REAL Nice! Daytona isnt what it used to be.