Friday, January 27, 2012

My sister's blog

My (very much younger) sister has a blog, She is a Quaker and has started a blog about her spiritual search and her experiences with Quakerism. She was also born in Rhodesia and then went to University in South Africa (Rhodes University) and became a journalist. On a cruise with our parents around South Africa back in the 70's they met Virginia....yes, the same Virginia. Virginia assisted her in coming to the US to do her Master's degree in Washington DC. After she finished University she stayed in the US, managing to get a job in the South African Embassy, and then with a South African newspaper. Eventually she met her husband, Simon, a Brit, who is also a journalist and involved in the news media in South Africa. They live in Maryland with close links to Washington DC. The link to her blog is above. Hope you enjoy it as much I do. P.S. It is her birthday today (the 27th) so this plug is for her.

Welcome to new reader, Mike Mills.


  1. Thank you kindly, big sis. I now feel obliged to get off my rear end and add a new post...

  2. Hi Dee! Hi Michael! thanks for visiting my blog, RVly Ever After! Hope to see you in Quartzsite, next year!

    Happy Birthday to you baby sister! I'll stop over and wish her the best!