Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

Miss V is so much better today. That cortisone shot she got yesterday has started to work and she is so much more mobile. She even put on makeup after her shower. This evening we will load her gently into the car and we are going to have a light dinner with friends. I am heading back to the RV now for a nap.

10:00 pm We have just got home from a lovely evening out. V is improving by the minute. She got herself all togged up in a beautiful outfit that she bought in Palm Springs in December. Pure determination got her out the door and into the car. She is one spunky lady! We had supper over at a friend's house in Vista. Lovely home made split pea and ham soup with herb focacchia bread. Wine and a bit of Bailey Coffee flavoured liqueur. We were in fits of laughter over recounting our disastrous Christmas Day Adventure. It was not so funny when it happened, but now in re-telling the tale we were all crying with laughter. Isn't that odd?  Must be some kind of coping mechanism. Of course that started up the other tales of lost cars in parking lots and other related happenings. I think everyone was trying to outdo our story, they did not even come close.

We are so happy that V is feeling so much better. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good wishes. God is good!

What adventure awaits us tomorrow hmmmm?


  1. Goodie! Glad to hear she is better.

  2. I love to hear good news like this. Enjoy your nap.

  3. Nice to here that she is doing better. Keep it up !

  4. So glad to hear shes feeling better!!!! Hope you enjoyed your nap..and supper..

  5. When a woman puts on some make-up, you know she is feeling better! Glad to hear it----

    Karen and Steve
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