Thursday, January 12, 2012

WiFi Ranger

We are awaiting the arrival of our Wifi Ranger Pro today in the quest for better internet. We'll see if this works. If not it goes back.

After lunch we go over to pick V up for a dentist appointment and a bit of shopping. She has not called us this morning, so I am presuming that all is well and she has managed to get herself out of bed and dressed.

8:00 pm
When we got to V she was up, but still in pain in her back, so she called her doctor who upped her oral dose of cortisone. A sleep, more analgesics and she was feeling better this afternoon.

We did a bit of shopping for her and bought a router for her computer. This was so that we and my sister can go onto the computer when we are at her house.

Our Wifi Ranger arrived and I have set it up. So far so good, We are picking up the campground wifi very easily. We did not buy the exterior antenna, but this may be a future purchase.

So a quiet day doing chores and caring. Nothing too exciting to report!


  1. Good luck with the wifi ranger.
    And hope V is doing better.

  2. Hope the wifi ranger works out for you. Thanks for visiting our blog we look forward to following yours. Have a Great Weekend.

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    How is the WIFI Ranger working out?

    1. It is great! , We will be buying the external antenna that goes onto the TV Antenna in the near future. I have even routed my wifi printer through it. Very happy.