Sunday, January 22, 2012

The sun is shining again

Yesterday was a very blah day. It rained Friday night and was pouring in the morning when I went over to V's to relieve the caregiver. V is so much better now that she has been taken off the morphine. Man, she was a zombie! Now we just have to deal with the pain via methods other than morphine. There are decisions to be made about her care, long term.

A couple of days ago, we heard that Virginia's old neighbour in Ocean Hills was selling a sofa bed, so yesterday we managed to find someone to transport it to San Marcos, where she lives now. I slept on it last night and I must say that for sofa beds it was pretty comfortable. I slept like a log. It is a full queen size and miraculously fitted into the space in her office.

The Canadian couple who were reported missing are still missing. Here is a news article which gives more details. There is also a photo of the two. They were heading to Yuma, so please everyone, be on the lookout for them. I feel that they may have gone to Quartszite, or into Mexico.

"Police in Weslaco said the couple is travelling in a 2006 grey GMC 3500 four-door pickup with Ontario licence plate number 9906TH. And they're towing a trailer with plate number A8272F. There may be a red canoe on the roof of the pickup, and their small dog should be with them."

Bruce and Linda Stewart. Missing.

Please pass this on.


  1. good to read that V is doing better without the to just get the pain under control via another sad about the Stewarts..boggles my mind how people and vehicles can just disappear...hopefully they will be found safe and sound soon....have a good week...

  2. I think some of your weather blew towards Quartzsite. We'll be sending it back your way shortly.

  3. Yup, more rain tomorrow. Was planning to take Miss V to have her nails done. As sick and as frail as she is, she is still very particular about how she looks.