Friday, November 29, 2013

A beautiful park!

We travelled in wonderful sunshine and dry conditions to the Colorado River Thousand Trails Resort at Columbus, west of Houston. On the way through Katy we stopped off at the biggest Camping World we have ever seen. Of course we forgot that we went there for a new water filter and came out with a knife safe. A good excuse to go to another Camping World. There is not much more stuff that we need, just a few odds and ends. Living in the motorhome, means that we have a limited amount of space for stuff.

Camping World in Katy, Texas.

The campground is very easy to get to and we booked in and found a wonderful site right down by the river. It is so beautiful here. The trees, pecans and live oaks are still in leaf (mostly) and the grass is green and well kept. What a lovely clean park. There are deer wandering around and the birds are wonderful. The river is still quite full after all the recent rain in this area. It is very silty and brown looking, but is flowing well.

The Colorado River at Columbus, TX
Our wonderful site.

The day after we arrived we found out that they were having a Potluck on Thanksgiving Day, so we signed up. I baked a mincemeat pie (the fruit kind) and took that along. We had turkey and ham and all the trimmings. My pie disappeared so fast. We sat with a Texan couple and it was really interesting to hear their opinions on the government, Obama and Obama-care. I won't elaborate. I do not take political sides, especially in the US.

Yummy mincemeat pie.
Some of the desserts at the potluck.
Michael enjoying his meal.
My meal, mostly turkey and ham.

We mostly just relaxed for the 3 days were there, did some laundry....I love my washing machine, rode our bikes and took some walks in the wonderful weather.

Michael and Timmy in the dog park. Timmy was not too happy as there were nasty burrs everywhere.
heron in the river.
Cows came over from the farm across the river to the little island.
Deer in the field. They wandered all over the park.
Such a pretty park.


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  1. We stayed in Columbus back in 2010 for a month. Not at that park. Yours is much nicer than ours was.

    The Thanksgiving diner looks like a winner!