Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In for repairs.

After departing with $50 for the night in the truck repair facility and the 5 minute consultation on the state of the heating core, we made our way to Buddy Gregg RV Center in Knoxville. We checked in just before lunch and were given a site with water and 50amp electricity.
Our free site at Buddy Gregg RV.
Beautiful Newmar Essex parked next to us.
This place is HUGE!!!! There were at least 20 service bays with some very large and expensive RVs waiting to be attended to. We were parked next to a beautiful $750,000 motorhome. The campground has a waiting room with TV, coffee, washer dryer and a bathroom.
The writing room is situated in a small building in the campground.
Michael and Timmy enjoying the comfy chairs in the waiting lounge.
Big TV to help pass the time.
Washer, dryer and dinette.

Just after lunch a service tech came over to the motorhome and told us they were taking it in to see what had to be done. Just 3 hours later it was back with a good report. The indicator problem was a burnt out relay and the leaking core was a loose hose. So $396 later we were given the all clear.
We stayed overnight in the campground. Cold! brrr. But were able to use the heat pump to keep us toasty warm.
In the background you can see some of the service bays.
There we are in among the big rigs.....oh wait, we have a big rig!


  1. Nice to be surprised with a much less expensive repair than quoted.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. We keep a list just in case we are in need of a good repair place.

    Glad you are out of there and on the road again.

  3. Glad it wasn't something worse. Safe and enjoyable travels!

  4. That cannot be a RV repair being that cheap :-D

  5. Indeed, you have for yourselves a big rig. And just like you, I think it's awesome to see this much RVs parked at the same spot! Haha! Anyway, it's great to hear that your RV was repaired immediately. You were able to get back on the road and continue on with your adventures not long after. How's it going now?
    Liza @ Prairie City RV Center

    1. The pipe leaked again and hubby was now a lot wiser and tightened it himself.