Monday, November 11, 2013

Of washing machines, tires, turning flashers and heat cores....

On Monday the 3rd, we checked into Keystone RV campground so that we could be there when they wanted to instal the used washer/dryer that we had bought online? Well, they couldn't take us on Tuesday! so we had to wait until Wednesday. They installed it without a problem, but for double the quoted price. Still it was a lot cheaper that what we would have paid in Ontario. While were there, a tech gave us a "courtesy" 27 point check. Well, wouldn't ya know, he found that we needed 4 new rear tires and he just happened to know someone who could provide thank you sir. We have Family Motor Coach membership and they have a Michelin Tire discount program.

The dryer vent gets installed first.
We have a hole in our RV!
Ahh! My washer dryer is installed!

After the washer/dryer had been fitted, we drove the 20 odd miles to my sister's house in Keedysville, Maryland. It is always lovely to see my little sis and her family. We stayed until Saturday morning and then drove to Shadrack campground in Bristol, TN. On the way there we noticed that the left turn flashers were not working.
Parked across the back of my sister's driveway.
My sister's very loooong driveway.
There were two other trailers at Shadrack Campground, and it was very quiet and peaceful. This is a Passport America campground and cost us all of $15.00 a night including taxes. we had full hookup so I took the opportunity of doing some laundry in my washing machine Awesome!!

From there were went to a Michelin tire dealer, TCI, about 34 miles south of the campground. They were very helpful, but did not have any tires. Also, they were unable to resolve the turning flasher problem, but they referred us to an RV dealership a bit further south. We got to Tri-Am RV after a quick stop at Pilot for a diesel top-up.

When we pulled into the dealership parking lot, Michael noticed that there was anti-freeze trickling from the heating core up front. WHAT NEXT?????

The RV dealership was unable to help as they do not deal in motorhomes, but they referred us to Interstate Repair in Strawberry Fields, near Knoxville. So off we set once again, this time armed with a bottle of anti-freeze in case we overheated.

At Interstate Repair we told Jack, the owner/manager what problems we had. He phoned around, but was unable to locate a new heater core. He wants to rebuild the one that we have. Not sure that we want this, and so we went online to see if there was a Newmar dealer anywhere around. Guess what! There is one only 27 miles away, so we will go there tomorrow. We are presently parked in the repair shop parking lot with a 30 amp hookup.
Our beautiful view at Interstate.
While we were at Interstate Truck repair, the owner told us about a set of 4 Michelin RV tires that he has on hand. They are used, but if the price is right, we may buy them. We'll have a look at them tomorrow.
So in all, it has been a very frustrating day. Tomorrow a cold front is moving in with the possibility of some snow. Ugh, we have to get south!


  1. Good luck with your repairs.

  2. Oh very sorry you are having all these problems. Mr. Murphy is working overtime...Anything that can go wrong seems to be your theme right now. Hope you get all these issues resolved very soon...without breaking the bank of course!

  3. And we thought we had exclusive ownership of Murphy :-)