Monday, November 07, 2011

New Orleans

Sunday morning saw us up early and off to the city of New Orleans. Abita Springs is across Lake Ponchartrain from New orleans. We had seen the causeway from Mandeville yesterday and now we took the 24 mile drive across the lake. Quite amazing! Absolutely straight with a few raised areas to allow ships to pass through. Only $3.00 to cross to New orleans, nothing to come back.
The Causeway across Lake Ponchartrain
We had some difficulty getting to the French Quarter because there was a big football game on at the Super Dome.
Super Dome

Eventually got down to the wharf and found parking. A quick look around at the Mississippi and then into the French Quarter.

Walking along the bank of the Mississippi
Fisherman with about 8 catfish flopping around in the water
Mississippi riverboat
We decided to go to find Coop's Place, where we were going to meet our son, Greg and his friend Catherine. When we got there, they were there already. They are in New Orleans for a photography conference.

Greg and Catherine waiting at Coop's Place
From there we went to a local Baptist Church for the 12 o'clock service. Greg had been advised to go because they have an amazing choir and the services are very lively. After a brisk 20 minute walk we arrived at the church and there! Anyway we went in and the 4 of us outnumbered the congregation. We sat right at the back, but were asked by a sweet lady, the pastor's wife I think, to move forward and we were ushered to about the 6th row back. A few more people straggled in during the first half hour and it was soon apparent there was no choir. The pastor pointedly made the observation that everyone had gone to the Saints game at the Super Dome.....maybe. Anyway, the service was quite good and we left straight after the sermon.

We made our way back to Coop's place and enjoyed a delicious Louisiana lunch. Michael had Sausage, rabbit and shrimp Jambalaya and he says it was absolutely delicious! I had the seafood platter which was just OK. Greg had blackened red fish and Catherine had the sampler.
My plate of food....I did not eat the fries!
Michael's Jambalaya

After the lunch we walked around the French Quarter for about an hour , browsing in some stores and taking a million photos. and then left for home. Here are just a few of those photos.

Beautiful courtyard

Unique house on a side street
Greg, Dee and Mike
Horse drawn wagon
The Market Cafe
Haunted Hotel
Hotel courtyard

French Quarter street
Funny sign
A denizen of the streets of New Orleans
Horse drawn cart
Joan of Arc
Michael, Dee and Greg
Catholic Cathedral
Pedestrian walk

Alley looking to mural, fountain and sculpture of a young woman

Michael with a New Orleans resident
Dee and a stoney girl

Old Buildings
French Quarter sidewalk

Building on Decatur
Beautiful metal railings
Plaque on Decatur Street
Beautiful tree and apartments

Oh NO! again the Super Dome traffic and we got lost, but eventually got back to Abita Springs at dusk. An exhausting day and we just fell into bed. Early up in the morning to begin the trek across to California.


  1. Never been to New Orleans so thank you for the photo tour. It was wonderful.

  2. Looks you did have a great time in the French Quarter, nice pictures. It looked pretty quiet, like you said everybody must have been at the Saints game.