Saturday, November 05, 2011

Abita Springs

Our two days and three nights camped at Abita Springs were busy and fun filled. On saturday michael borrowed a brush and hose from George and washed the motor home and the car and then we took the car out for a run.

Early morning mist rising from the water behind the motorhome

The view out of our bedroom window

 First we went down to the Mandeville Trailhead Market where we browsed the wares and tasted the various dishes that were for sale. We ended up buying a cup of sausage and white bean soup. It was delicious!

Mandeville Trail Head Market

Hula Hoop sales. Maybe I should have bought myself one!

 Then we carried on to the shore of Lake Pontchartrain. We looked at the amazing views across the lake and marveled that it is so big that you cannot see the other side. Tomorrow we will taking the causeway actors to New Orleans. We also looked at the beautiful homes along the lakeshore. Many of them had to be rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.They are being rebuilt up on stilts so that the next time there is a hurricane they won't be washed away. There are still a few properties where you can see a house was there but now all that is left is a brick path or a concrete slab. So sad.

House on stilts

On the shore of Lake Ponchartrain 

pulling Spanish Moss off the tree

Gorgeous houses on the lakeshore

Beautiful Oak trees

Spanish moss

A beautiful place to relax. Not so beautiful in a hurricane. 

I loved this house!

The slab of a house that was blown away by Hurricane Katrina

Typical Louisiana architecture

 We then drove back to the Abita Springs area and went for a tour at the Abita Springs Brewery. Very interesting. This beer is shipped all over the US.


At the bar

Inside the brewery


Had to wear blue booties because I had open toed shoes

Abita Springs Brerery
 Next stop was a local supermarket where we were hoping to get some fresh seafood, but unfortunately no fish was to be had.
Happy Hour with our friends, George and Sue
Back to the campground for Happy Hour with George and Sue. Early to bed because we have a long day in New Orleans on Sunday.

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  1. Great posting and nice pictures, glad you guys had fun in the area and be sure to come back and spend more time.
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