Sunday, November 13, 2011

Change in RV Resorts

On Saturday we decided to go up to Champagne Lakes RV Resort. It was pouring with rain, so we took it slowly. From V's house to the I 15 was an easy drive and quite quick, Up the i 15 was a totally different kettle of fish and we felt as if we were on the road forever. Boy, it is a long way. Eventually got there and went into the office and got our site number and then 2 alternatives. Our assigned site was just horrible! Parked parallel with absolutely no space for the rear slide and no way we could put the awning out because it is right on the camp road. We went to look at the other 2 sites and while the sites themselves were fractionally bigger, there was a very steep road up to the area where we were sent and then a very sharp turn to the right and tight turns to get into the spaces. So, it is a no go for Champagne Lakes. We will get our $100 deposit back next week.

Our next port of call was the Escondido RV Resort. This resort is very close to V's and while it is quite a lot more expensive, it is also much nicer The sites are paved and while not very wide, they are long and will accommodate our RV very nicely. It has a small pool and a hot tub. A club house and is very close to everything. Moving in here almost breaks my heart as we have campground memberships that will cost us next to nothing to stay, but at this point in time, helping her is our priority

We move to Escondido RV Resort on Tuesday, as the winter tenant will be coming into the house.

Today the weather cleared up completely we went to Walmart and did a bit of shopping and then went to the RV storage area and washed the RV. We will not have another opportunity as washing RVs is not allowed at the Resort. Will have to look for some of that waterless washing stuff.

Sorry, no photos today!

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  1. Nice that you found a more suitable resort to stay in and can do what you need. When no washing is allowed that usually mean no hoses so I use a small bucket of plain water to bucket wash our coach by hand, it takes longer but we have lots of time anyway.