Monday, November 08, 2010

Settling in

We spent the weekend settling into the Seneca. I have been doing a lot of research on this vehicle on the internet. One of the sites I have gone to is RV.NET where you can post questions and get answers from people who have the same type of RV or have experienced the same problems and have answers.

It is amazing how many storage places there are in here. The RV is 14 feet wide when the slides are out. There are cupboards and places to store stuff everywhere! I must be very diligent in not accumulating stuff. It is so nice to have all my clothes hanging up, instead of lying in a creased pile at the bottom of a little closet.

We have put our lovely Indian rug down on the floor and it's amazing that the colours match the RV colours exactly! We are going to have to replace the TVs. We have the old heavy CRT ones. LCDs would be much lighter as well as giving us a couple of additional storage spaces behind them. We will look into this when we are down in California in January.

The storage under the queen bed contains our extra cleaning materials, our little shop vac and some of the satellite dish accessories. One of the best things that has happened for RVers is the invention of all those cleaning materials on disposable wiping cloths. You can find any type of wipe to clean anything, even yourself.

It is so nice not to be falling over each other and stuff. I have even been able to walk clear around the bed to straighten up the Travasak (a fancy sleeping bag type of contraption) without hurting my poor old knees. Talking about the bed and the Travasak, we are so cosy at night! We bought an electric under-pad which resides on the bed. There are separate controls for each side, so I can have my side on hot and Michael has his side on a cooler setting. We usually turn it off halfway through the night because we are so warm. Have I said this before???? I love modern technology!

I wish I could find someone to set up my wireless printer and scanner. I can't see to get it to connect. The internet stick from Bell is a bit of a disappointment in the the 500MB of data can be used up in one day!! I have now turned off images in Firefox and that seems to help. I see satellite internet in my future.

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  1. You sound perfectly satisfied the way John and I were when we got the Jazz last year in preparation for our odyssey! Enjoy!