Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back in Ontario

I can't believe that I was so busy that I didn't get back to posting until now.

We had a great US Thanksgiving in Vista, California. Virginia was released from the hospital on Wednesday November 24th so she was able to celebrate with us all. She was still quite weak after her ordeal so we did not stay too long, besides we had to start packing for the trip back to Toronto the next day.

I was quite apprehensive about flying back to Canada on the day after Thanksgiving, but what a surprise! The roads were clear, the train was empty, as was the Flyaway bus from LA Union Station to LAX. LAX was also very quiet and we walked straight through security without a holdup. I was subjected to the body scan. Michael was not. We flew home on a 767 which was wonderful, especially as there were many empty seats. I guess everyone in the US were either spending the whole weekend where they were or were out shopping at the "Black Friday" sales.

We arrived back in Toronto after dark and drove straight to Moodies in Ajax where the Motorhome was in storage. Michael had forgotten to turn off the house batteries before he left so he was quite anxious to see if we had any power. He tried to start the generator but there was not enough power, so we moved the MH from the storage over to a campsite at the back where we knew there was power. We plugged in and all was well. The first thing we did was turn on the furnace to get the inside nice and toasty warm. Leveling was done, slides put out and we crawled into bed, exhausted after the long day of travel.

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