Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A busy Tuesday

We never did get to the RVworld Storage to sign the lease yesterday and it did not look as if we were going to get there today either, but we did. The rates are $130 a month. A little pricey, but it is very close to the Chateau at San Marcos where Virginia is moving to so it is nice and convenient.

We got more of V's furniture and stuff over to the Chateau and I set up the computer. She bought a very nice computer desk from the Estate Sales Warehouse. I can't say that it is an antique, being a computer table, but it is very nice anyway. I was not able to test the set up as there is no electricity or cable internet connection, but I think everything is set up as before.

The living room looks very comfortable with the furniture that she has purchased and yesterday we got the 32 inch Samsung LCD TV that she wanted. A little more to move tomorrow and she will be coming home from the hospital sometime tomorrow.

Thursday we are celebrating US Thanksgiving at Carolyn's house and we are providing the pumpkin pie and an apple pie, both purchased from Costco. Costco was an absolute madhouse!


  1. Hello There

    I am so happy for you that you finally retired. You deserve it! Enjoy your new found freedom and bedouin lifestyle.

  2. Yup, finally retired! Spending our lives between Canada and California. Virginia is the lovely lady who almost married my Dad. I call her my American mother. Go back in the blog and you can read all our comings and goings and the amazing life we have embarked upon.