Thursday, September 02, 2010

Very windy day. Almost got blown into Michigan!

My goodness. The wind today was very intense. We left Bemidji fairly early and drove South of Lake Superior, through Duluth and along secondary roads. The drive was lovely and thank goodness that the wind was behind us for most of the day. I would have hated having to drive into it. Our gas costs really do drop right down with a following wind! Even better if we are going downhill!. I thought we would see some wild life, but apart from the odd chipmunk and squirrel and one dead deer, there was nothing. Late afternoon we started looking for a campground and found one on the North Shore of Lake Michigamme called, appropriately enough, Michigamme Shores. It was OK. Quite expensive. We just slept there and left in the morning to make the crossing over into the lower portion of Michigan via the Mackinaw Bridge. We got to the bridge at around lunch time and the wind, by this time was so strong that we were pulled over and had to wait until we and other RVs could be escorted across. The water on Lake Michigan was churned up really fiercely. I am glad that we were not on a boat out there. After a wait of about 45 minutes we were eventually escorted across the bridge at 5 MPH. Lake Michigan on one side of the bridge and Lake Huron on the other side. We had now seen 3 of the 5 Great Lakes in 1 day.

A pretty uneventful trip down Michigan Hoping to see some Elk as we went through a couple of Elk Preserves, but nothing.

Our next stop was at Camping World in Houghton Lake where we bought some goodies for the RV, including a Winegard portable automatic satellite dish. In the past we have spent hours looking for satellite signals. Hopefully this will help!

A free night's camping at Camping World parking lot. The wind is still blowing like crazy and it is now raining really hard. Fall is definitely on the way!

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