Friday, June 18, 2010

Move out weekend!!!

All the furniture with the exception of a solid oak twin size headboard and nightstand are gone. Anyone want a really nice headboard and nightstand?? If you want photos, I will email them.

We have donated a whole ton of stuff to a church in Scarborough who does some really good things. They are having a jumble sale tomorrow and what ever is left over will go to a shelter or be given to the poor. My contact is Verona who lives in Ajax and works in the chemo clinic at NYGH.

Tomorrow Bobby Kruger is coming to collect all our boxes of crockery (my grandmother's Spode that will eventually be given to my sister in Maryland). photographs and videos,  Tax returns and bank statements etc. There is some stuff that we haven't had time to sort, so the boxes are going to the Kruger's and we will collect a box every so often and go through it and cull.

I can't believe how free I feel to be rid of everything. Its true what they say about your things owning you.

There is quite a lot going into the motorhome. Thank goodness for the cab over bunk as we will put it all up there and once we are settled in at Cedar Beach we will sort, cull and store.

We took a ride up to the campground the other day and it seems more than adequate. The site is in a very shady spot, which may be just fine as July is one  of our hottest months. Hope we can get a satellite signal!

One of our dilemmas has been the satellite TV. We had satellite here at the condo, so we bought a dish for the MH and take a receiver with us. There have been some great stories about finding the signal. Once I crawled through a thick hedge and nearly came to a very sticky end when I almost fell into a big ditch. But that story is for another day! All I can say is thank goodness for the walkie talkies!! We are using our son, Greg's home down in Toronto as a base so we are installing satellite service there and taking the small receiver with us, leaving the bigger PVR at the house.

I am beginning to think that we should look into Satellite internet as we can use the same dish for Bell Expressvu and I will have internet whenever we are travelling. Quite expensive to set up, but 500 MB on the stick is just not going to do it! Will see how the finances are once the dust from the sale of the condo is over.

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